24 Hour Alarm Response & Keyholding

24 Hour Alarm Response & Keyholding

24 Hour Alarm Response & Keyholding together form what is perhaps one of the most valuable site security services provided by CSO Ltd. Clients who use the Alarm Response and Keyholding services are not only providing the best care for their premises and its contents but exercising their duty of care towards their employees under current Health and Safety legislation.

When an alarm is activated at your premises late at night or at the weekend, think:

  • If you attended, how would you react to a violent intruder?
  • Is it reasonable to ask staff to turn out in such situations?
  • Is this a duty written into their contracts?
  • Have you or they had appropriate training for this?
  • Would you or they be covered by insurance in case of accident or assault?
  • Do you comply with Health and Safety requirements for lone workers?

Are you setting yourself up for a possible tribunal?

If you have an alarm system installed that is linked to an alarm receiving centre then you can take advantage of CSO Ltd’s Alarm Response and Keyholding services. Our Alarm Response Unit consists of highly trained Security Officers who will attend within 20 minutes of receiving the call from the control centre. Each Security Officer holds the SIA Licence and our Alarm Response and Keyholding services are waiting to take your call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. All calls are recorder for your protection. The morning after a call out the client receives an email report from CSO Ltd detailing the cause of the activation.

If you use our Keyholding service your keys will be kept in a secure location under Security Guard control. Our procedures use a unique coding system which keeps keys and addresses separate for security reasons.

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