Void Property Inspection

Due to the economic downturn, there are now more unoccupied commercial properties within the U.K, all of which need to be protected from destruction, fire and theft. Properties in either the pre completion stages of construction, or in a transient stage, are vulnerable to the opportunist criminal targeting the fixtures, fittings and materials including copper piping, wiring and other building materials. Vandals target empty properties reducing their value and often causing thousands of pounds worth of damage.

CSO Ltd may assist by providing random visits to these properties, checking for signs of defacement and by answering alarm calls. They are able to provide access to authorized persons, such as contractors and routinely performing inspections of the buildings vital systems. When the void property inspection has been completed meter reading and fire tests can be completed making clients aware of any utility consumption and adhering to insurance regulations. As customers need accurate reporting all communications regarding the property are emailed on the day of completion.

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